Author: JustinGarrettHill

  • First Look! Fetch Pro – one toy to throw them all

    Dogs love to fetch toys, and many people play fetch with tennis balls. But these days there are better dog toys than tennis balls, and these toys come in many different shapes and sizes. Tennis ball launchers are great at throwing tennis balls, but with Fetch Pro’s patent pending adjustable gripper you can pick up […]

  • My journey to mass produce a dog product, and make money.

    I have decided to openly chronicle my journey to make money in product development, specifically with my latest product, a dog toy I call “Fetch Pro”. I have had many ideas over the years that I have felt were inventive or a “good idea” as many people call them…But I am still working out good […]

  • SuperZoo 2014

    Yikes it has been a month since SuperZoo and I have not posted nor made a ton of progress….but I have made some…. so first of all here is my recap about SuperZoo: Conventions are a smart way to bring together a bunch of like minded people. In the US there were more than 13,000 […]